Deposit Fund Request

1. Make the Payment First
i. Choose and click on the payment options below according to your desire deposit value.

Deposit Small

Deposit Medium

Deposit Large
1,000USD - 10,000USD (CLICK IMAGE)

ii. Select your deposit value and make sure the total value is correct.

iii. Fill in your personal details as per requested. Leave "Note to Seller" blank, choose your preferred bank account and click "PAY". Please DOUBLE CHECK your email and make sure it is 100% correct as the receipt will be sent to your email later.

iv. After the payment is successful, go to your email and screenshot the success payment email sent to you by SenangPay to be uploaded to your PipHijauLTD dashboard. Make sure the reference ID can be read clearly.

2. Upload Screenshot of Payment Receipt
i. Login to your account : CLIENT LOGIN
ii. Click on "My Wallet" > "Deposit"
iii. Choose your wallet, fill in your desire deposit values.
iv. Click on "Create Deposit Request" and ignore the reference number given as the payment has been made.
v. Click on "Upload" button and select the screenshot image of your payment receipt from your email.
vi. Wait for approval within max 12 hours (Monday to Friday).

Transfer From Wallet to Trading Account

3. Transfer from Wallet to Trading Account
i. Click on "Wallet" > "Transfers". Select your wallet, desire amount and your trading account. Click on "Transfer".

Transfer From Wallet to Trading Account

Note: The fund will be transferred into your trading account instantly. There is no waiting time for internal transfer.

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