Withdrawal Request

1. Create Withdrawal Bank Account
P/S: You may skip this steps if you have done this before. Once only.

i. Login to your account : CLIENT LOGIN
ii. Click on "My Wallet" > "Withdrawal Accounts"
iii. Click on "Create Withdrawal Account"

Piphijau Withdrawal Request

iv. Fill in your bank details, choose Type > DOMESTIC. For more swift-code, refer HERE. Recommended bank : Maybank Berhad (MYMBBEMKL), CIMB (CIBBMYKL)

Piphijau Withdrawal Request

2. Transfer from Trading Account to Wallet
P/S: You may skip this steps if you already transfer your trading account balance to your wallet.

i. Click on "Wallet" > "Transfers". Select your trading account, desire amount and your walletClick on "Transfer".

3. Create Withdrawal Request (the withdrawal process to your local bank)
i. Click on "My wallet" > "Withdrawal" and choose "Create Withdrawal Request"

Piphijau Withdrawal Request

ii. Choose your wallet and withdrawal account. Fill in your desire amount to withdraw to your local bank account.

Piphijau Withdrawal Request

iii. Wait for approval within 12-36 hours Monday to Friday. Please be noted that other local bank than Maybank might delay for one day.

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